about k-tech
Our R&D and design team's referrals are "beyond imagination", creating an unimaginable vision for innovation by constantly breaking through the limitations of knitting technology.
R & D team members: 48 industrial programmers, including senior R & D engineers, shoe manufacturers New Design Engineer, Senior Engineer with Master's Degree and several Textile Engineers with doctoral and master's degrees.

K-TECH System Management Mode

K-TECH Establish ERP system combined with lean production to achieve real-time monitoring of production and operation links, improve management efficiency, improve the delivery level of the supply chain, promote the company's large-scale agile production.
Using advanced bar code and electronic scale technology to effectively centrally control the production of "each piece of each process", and through the production label bar code traced back to the corresponding material production information, such as yarn cylinder number, color number, batch, operator of each link and accurate to the production machine number.
Data reflect the real-time production progress and efficiency of each department workshop, play a supervisory role, intelligent analysis of material quality and output statistics, so that every employee in a fair and just environment to work, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, high-speed query and statistics function to ensure the quality and quantity of orders.
Set up early warning data, set time early warning in each link of production, update the latest trends at any time, and know whether the production schedule is normal or delayed and overdue, and timely get corresponding solutions. In order to ensure timely production and delivery on time.


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